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Colt and Luke wrap up the regular season with some important start/sit talk about Joe "Cool" Flacco, Zamir White, George Pickens, and more!

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Colt and Luke discuss which quarterbacks you can trust, the best "break glass in case of an emergency" running backs, and much more for championship week!

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Colt and Luke discuss players that are going to bounce back, their indifferences on the waiver wire pickup of the week, Ty Chandler, and more on this week's Starts and Sits episode!
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Colt and Luke tackle the tough task of deciphering the Chiefs and Colts' backfields, if you can trust Baker Mayfield, and how good Isaiah Likely is.

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Colt and Luke talk Matthew Stafford, Evan Engram, and Antonio Gibson in this week's Starts and Sits episode!

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Colt and Luke talk about the fantasy playoffs, Matthew Stafford, and Chase Brown!

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Colt and Luke discuss Nico Collins, Zack Moss, and Joshua Dobbs in this week's episode of Starts and Sits of the Week.

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Colt and Luke discuss Jake Browning's amazing performance, Ezekiel Elliott, and injuries around the league

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Luke and Colt discuss how Zack Moss is about to double dip on beating up the Titans, Tua's soon-to-be huge day, and the Game of the Week in this week's Starts and Sits episode.

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Colt and Luke discuss how to plan for the fantasy playoffs, Pat Freiermuth, and where we rank Cooper Kupp for the rest of the season.

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Colt and Luke talk Zach Charbonnet, Ravens' pass catchers, and Thanksgiving!

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Colt and Luke manifest a Tony Pollard breakout game, share their love for Terry McLaurin, and provide different points of view of the Chiefs vs. Eagles Super Bowl rematch!

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Colt and Luke discuss Noah Brown, Ty Chandler, and Joshua Dobbs on this week's waiver episode!

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Colt goes bold with his QB start of the week, Luke doubles down on the Raiders and they both agree: exercise caution with this Browns/Ravens matchup

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Luke talks about the outlook for Josh Dobbs, Will Levis, Ty Chandler, Cade Otton and more. 

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Colt and Luke dress up in Halloween costumes to take on the starts and sits of Week 9.

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Colt and Luke discuss waiver pickups for Week 9, the Vikings' future, and Rashid Shaheed.

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Home - Fantasy 

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Luke and Colt talk waiver wires including Dalton Kincaid, Darrell Henderson, and Kareem Hunt.

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Colt Williams and Luke Wilson discuss who to start and sit, including Geno Smith, Hollywood Brown and Jerome Ford. 

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Luke is back! The Fantasy Index duo talk about running back injuries, Jordan Mason, and Zach Evans

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Colt's back with a solo pod talking who you should start and who you should sit for Week 6. 

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Colt talks Emari Dermercado, the Bears' backfield, and Josh Downs on this week's waiver wire episode.

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Colt and Luke discuss if you can trust Cooper Kupp and Jonathan Taylor, who to start, and who to sit in Week 5.

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Colt and Luke discuss the return of Jonathan Taylor and Cooper Kupp, injuries around the league, bye week woes, and who to scoop up off your waivers.

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Colt and Luke discuss who you can trust starting in your lineup and who you should be sitting on the bench in Week 4.

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Colt and Luke talk De'Von Achane and the Miami Dolphins' historic 70 point game, Mike Williams' injury, and who to pick up ahead of Week 4.

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Colt gives Deshaun Watson drafters cause for optimism, Luke goes out on a limb for Kendre Miller & more in our Week 3 Starts & Sits.

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Key players to pick up on the waiver wire including Jerome Ford, Tank Dell and Hunter Henry, plus injury news.

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Your hosts Luke Wilson and Colt Willliams discuss who to start and sit for Week 2. They weigh in on Drake London, while DJ Moore and Rashid Shaheed get some love. 

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Your hosts Luke Wilson and Colt Williams dive into who pick up for week 2. Mac Jones, Gus Edwards, Cam Akers, Justice Hill get some love. 

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In the second of a two-part series, Luke Wilson and Colt Williams preview every week 1 game and key players to start (or not). 

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In this first of a two-part series, Luke Wilson and Colt Williams preview every week 1 game and key players to start (or not). 

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Luke Wilson and Colt Wilson break with consensus and make some bold player picks that could represent some serious value in your drafts. The boys also discuss news about Jonathan Taylor. 



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Your hosts Luke and Colt reveal some juicy sleepers ranked above their ADPs as well as some big names set to underwhelm this season. 

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Your hosts Luke and Colt discuss the movers and shakers in the preseason rankings including big signing Dalvin Cook, plus Devon Achane, Trey Lance, Sam LaPorta and more. 

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Your hosts Luke Wilson and Colt Williams break down the top 12 quarterbacks from 2022 and discuss whether they're set to repeat their fantasy success for 2023. Join the Fantasy Index Open here:

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Your hosts Luke Wilson and Colt Williams dive into the Fantasy Index rankings. They discuss key players they've got their eye on and who is over/undervalued relative to the average ADP. 

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Ian Allan and Justin Eleff close out the fantasy season and preview the NFL Playoffs. Sponsored by Affordable Trophies.

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