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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Cleveland Browns' fantasy season; sponsored by Extra Point Press (

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Cincinnati Bengals' fantasy season; sponsored by EZ Draft (

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FFI's Ian Allan and Mark Nulty discuss the knucklehead factor, the long term affects of holdouts, value based drafting strategies, debate the importance of strength of schedule, why no love for Brandon Pettigrew, and more.

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Baltimore Ravens' fantasy season; sponsored by CDM Sports (

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the New York Jets' fantasy season; sponsored by

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the New England Patriots' fantasy season; sponsored by the Fantasy Football Players Championship (

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Miami Dolphins' fantasy season; sponsored by

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Bill Enright of joins the podcast to discuss amending the Ten Commandments of Fantasy Football. Also: which teams have the next great offenses; who are this year's best sleepers at tight end?

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Buffalo Bills' fantasy season; sponsored by RealTime Fantasy Sports.

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The top offseason stories including: Can you trust Peyton Manning? Where are the Saints headed? Offseason moves that will make the biggest difference. The sleeper running back you want. A detailed look at the tight end position. Where to draft Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham. The sleeper tight end poised for a big year. Your questions in the mailbag. Reach us at

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