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Ian Allan and Justin Eleff talk Tyreek Hill's non-suspension and other July news, the AFC East and the sudden abundance of NFL holdouts. Sponsored by the Draft Dominator app from Footballguys.

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Second part of our conversation with Scott Pianowski of Yahoo Sports, veering from Pittsburgh to Seattle and focusing on young veterans to target and old quarterbacks to avoid. Sponsored by

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Scott Pianowski of Yahoo Sports joins the podcast to talk past predictions, the surprise reinstatement of Tyreek Hill, how to make use of various teams' skill-position depth. Sponsored by DraftKings.

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Ian Allan and Justin Eleff kick off the 2019 season of the podcast. In this episode: Fantasy Football Index returns, superstars relocate, Ian and Justin revisit the Lightning Round. Sponsored by Fantasy Football Index magazine -- available on newsstands now; FREE Internet Update coming Monday, July 22.