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Allan tells you what you need to know before you set your lineup. A look back on Thursday night's opener and a look ahead to all the first week matchups.

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Tips from a $10,000 winner. The 2012 Stanima Football Open Champion talks about draft strategies, middle rounds, waiver wire philosophy, roster construction, and more.

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty talk about the big news of Week 4 of the preseason. How Andre Brown's injury shuffles the running back deck and impacts the value of David Wilson. Plus, late picks and more.

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Matt Schauf with and Mark Nulty talk about the players you want to walk away with at your draft.

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What to remember going into the draft. Last minute strategy and instructions before going into the biggest day of your fantasy football season.

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Draft strategies and mistakes to avoid. Mark Nulty is joined by renowned fantasy football author Sam Hendricks to discuss strategies for both standard drafts and auctions.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Robert Abbott of who talks about players he likes and players he's avoiding heading into this week's fantasy drafts.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Ian Allan who looks at some Week 3 Preseason, tough decisions on players that will probably go early, sleepers, and more.

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Mark Nulty is joined by long-time fantasy analyst Kevin Payne. They discuss high risk-high reward picks in the first round such as Arian Foster and CJ Spiller. Plus, the outlook for the Bills, Cardinals, Eagles and more.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Stan Misthios of They look at the trends of recent drafts, a deep dive into the Kansas City Chiefs, plus analyze strategies for two quarterback leagues.

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Looking at the pros and cons of Value Based Drafting, Means Based Drafting, and more. Game theory expert Paul Herzog examines the different ways of putting together a draft list to help you determine which system is right for you.  

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Valuing players for auctions and salary cap leagues. What players are the best and worst values?

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Ian Allan analyzes Week 2 of the preseason and talks about how the action is affecting his rankings.

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Mark Nulty looks at who is being drafted in the early, middle, and late stages of the first round. He explains who he would draft in each stage and why since he's passing on Arian Foster, CJ Spiller, and Trent Richardson.

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Mark Nulty takes a look at three players going in the first round, two of them going high in the first, and why he'd like to avoid them if I can.

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One of the biggest trends in fantasy sports is daily games. Jonathan Mongero, the founder of, joins Mark Nulty to discuss how and why these games have become so popular. He also talks about ways the savvy fantasy players can give themselves an edge.

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Mark Nulty and Bryan Siuda of evaluate some players that are going in the middle and late rounds of a lot of fantasy drafts.

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With more people playing in online high stakes leagues, Mark Nulty talks with Robert January of All Pro Leagues about making sure that the odds are in your favor. Nulty and January examine the way online money leagues, including high stakes leagues, structure their payouts.

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty talk about the surprises in Week 1. Allan talks about the adjustments he's looking to make for Monday's rankings. Plus, what's you can learn about draft trends and strategies by examining the FanEx draft. 

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Do's and don'ts of extended online drafts (email drafts). Also, analysis of the first few rounds of the Fantasy Experts (FanEx) draft. 

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The NFL preseason what to look for what to ignore. Mark Nulty talks about the fantasy relevance of the preseason, or the lack thereof. Nulty talks about the one position where you can find a quality starter during the preseason. How to watch for trends. What are five specific things he wants to see and hopefully have answered this preseason.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Justin Hume of to discuss how you can cash in on the rise in popularity of one day fantasy leagues.

Hume talks about how players can find advantages when playing one day fantasy leagues. Things that you don't put importance on in season long leagues become critical in daily leagues. Knowing these factors can give you and edge over the competition when making your lineup. Hume talks about weighing the decision between ability vs. matchup. Plus, Hume talks about the strategy you should consider in playing in larger one day fantasy leagues with big cash prizes.

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Mark Nulty talks with Ian Allan of Fantasy Football about a variety of topics including what roster battles Allan's watching, the affects of the receiver injuries, some thoughts about roster makeup, and more.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Chris Tilley, who has been the commissioner of his league for 17 years. Tilley talks about what he's learned in his time at the helm that can help you organize and run your league. Tilley discusses  a variety of topics, including: how to get owners to be committed, how to keep owners involved during the season, how to deal with rules changes during the season, dealing with Type A and competitive personalities, dealing with league controversies, how to deal  with "bad" trades, best times to run the draft, best time to conduct a draft, and more.

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Mark Nulty talks about the strategy of being one the last owner's in your draft to take a QB. Whether you planned on waiting or it's just the way the draft develops, you need to have a plan. How long should you wait? What should be your cues for pulling the trigger? Who are the best bets after the top tier? What are some sleepers worth taking a shot on later in your draft?

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Mark Nulty talks about how truly irrelevant preseason strength of schedule ratings are when evaluating and ranking fantasy football players. Mark gives some specific examples where strength of schedule backfires. Mark also talks about two specific areas not to let perceived strength of schedule influence your decisions.

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Mark Nulty and Mark Hanna of talk about setting up your fantasy league right. How to decide what kind of fantasy player you are and what kind of league you want to play. How to recruit the best fits for your league. The best way to set up your league. Do's and Don'ts for setting up a league. Mark talks about some of the most unusual scoring rules he's seen. Mark also talks about one day fantasy league and draftmaster leagues. Plus, he talks about involvement with Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals and the Wainos World of Fantasy Football with all proceeds going to charity.

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Bob Smolarczyk, commissioner  of talks about playing in high stakes fantasy football leagues. What are some strategies you can implement to give you an edge as you consider going up in stakes?

If you're looking to Raise Your Game, visit AFFL offers leagues ranging from $5 entry fee to a $2000 entry fee. These are 12-team leagues that pay out 25% of entries. Plus, you can qualify for a grand prize of at least $50,000. 

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Let Somebody Else Draft Him - I Don't Want Him! Mark Nulty talks about 3 players ranked in the Top 10 at QB, RB, and WR that he really doesn't want to have deal with on his fantasy roster in 2013. - Who's your number one fantasy pick this year? It doesn't matter as long as you use The Commish Kit Fantasy Football Draft Board!

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Mark Nulty is joined by Ian Allan to discuss three stories Ian is especially interested in going into the opening of training camps. Will Chip Kelly's offense translate to the NFL? How much production are the Patriots going to lose? Is it realistic to expect big rushing numbers from QBs this year?

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Mark Nulty and Larry Axelband of talk about the hottest craze in fantasy sports, one day fantasy leagues. They discuss how one day leagues work, the benefits on one day leagues, and strategies to help you succeed. Larry also offers podcast listeners a special offer. Sign-up on with the code Podcast to play in a one night fantasy baseball league $300 freeroll on Friday 7/26. If you do decide to deposit you'll receive a 30% Deposit Bonus up to $150.

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Matt Shauf, Contrarian and Resident Smartass (official title)of Draft Sharks, joins the podcast to talk about different thinking and putting together player rankings that are different from a lot of other experts. He talks about their #2 overall player that sits outside a lot of experts' Top 10. Where disagrees with some of FFI Magazine rankings and why. Plus,  tips on how to work a rankings list on draft night, overall draft strategies, and more.

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What are the Does and Don'ts of running a draft? Mark Nulty and Randy Leslein of talk about the things you can do to make your draft night run smoother. What are the most common mistakes that cause fights and turmoil during the draft? Some alternatives for dealing with owners that always have the clock expire on them during the draft. How to increase and encourage trades during the draft. Alternative ways to select draft order including ways to make it more strategic. What is the Byron Hanspard rule and why should you include it in your league? Plus, remembering Fantasy Football before the Internet.

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Fantasy Football Index Podcast - 07/18/13

Ian Allan and Mark Nulty are joined by Alan Satterlee of to discuss and debate Dynasty League selections. We also play the game "speed bumps" where you face decisions that you're likely to face during real drafts.

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Ian Allan, Andy Richardson and Justin Eleff talk NFL playoffs. Which underdogs will go farthest? Are the Falcons paper tigers again? Who will be the fantasy MVPs of the coming weekend? Will Tom Brady or Peyton Manning hoist another Lombardi Trophy ?

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty discuss how to handle players that looked like stars early but are busts now, where to find QBs late in the season, evaluating injury replacement QBs, looking ahead to fantasy matchups, trophies, and the greatest Made for TV Sporting Event of all time.

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Mark Nulty and Ian Allan get more fantasy relevance out of the Jacksonville Jaguars then anybody thought imaginable. Also what to do if you're "stuck" with a bad QB or RB option, the progression of rookie QBs, planning your fantasy lineup now for the real NFL schedule, and more.

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Fantasy Index staffers discuss our roster selections in a free Week 9 game hosted by Come play against us (follow the link at and win your share of $300!

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Mark Nulty and Ian Allan talk about: Looking for alternatives for Jimmy Graham; surprises and trends heading into Week 8; and how to make more effective trades.

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Fantasy Index guru Ian Allan joins host Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) to talk strength-of-schedule and rate the new starting running backs in Arizona, Green Bay and Indianapolis.

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Mark and Ian discuss a variety of topics including: Is it time to give up on Mark Ingram and Titus Young, where do quarterbacks such as Andy Dalton, Peyton Manning, Matthew Stafford, Michael Vick rank now, the emergence of this year's Tim Tebow, a look at some of the more interesting matchups of the week, Mark makes a horrible joke, perhaps the worst fantasy football move of all time, and more.

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The Fantasy Index staff discusses our picks for this week's Gridiron God contest; compete against us for free at m.

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty take a look at the big issues heading into Week 4 including: the frustration of dealing with platoon situations and strategies; upside down quarterback rankings and why not to panic, strategies for pulling your team out of the cellar, and more. 

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Most of the Fantasy Index staff sits down to discuss our picks for Week 4 in the Fantasy Index Subscriber Super League, hosted by Also: how will the switch from replacement refs to real ones affect fantasy numbers going forward; does anyone still want Chris Johnson?

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty take a look at the big issues heading into Week 3 including: Where did Andre Brown come from, how worried is Ian about Chris Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Matthew Stafford, Patriots offense, Packers offense. Mark yells at some kids to get off his lawn and talks about Cam Newton's Superman Dance.

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The Fantasy Index staff sits down to discuss a new Friends of FanDuel contest at Play for FREE and win your share of $500 in REAL CASH PRIZES this weekend!

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty take a look at the big issues heading into Sunday's Week 2 kickoff: What we got right in Week 1 and where we were Loud Wrong. What's a trend and what's a blip on the radar. The importance of not overreacting to Week 1. The important thing to look at when evaluating an injury report. The problem with getting "too cute" with lineup decisions. Plus, mailbag questions.

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The Fantasy Index staff sits down to discuss the new Fantasy Index Freeroll at Play for FREE and win REAL CASH PRIZES this weekend! Among the players our staffers pick to play for us in Week 2: Victor Cruz, Maurice Jones-Drew and Christian Ponder. Yup, that Christian Ponder.

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty discuss how to deal with the high level of uncertainty of Week 1, biggest movers up and down the draft board since the start of pre-season, handling the first few weeks of the waiver wire, strategies for waiver wire bidding leagues, how to determine when to unload the mid-round guy that isn't working out, your mailbag questions, and more. 

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Bill Enright of joins the podcast to discuss the fantasy implications of Wednesday's NFL season opener between the Cowboys and Giants. Should you scramble to add Kevin Ogletree to your team? And just how bad is the running game in Gotham?

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams; sponsored by the always free-to-play Fantasy Index Subscriber Super League (look for the link at

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers; sponsored by DraftDay (use promo code FANTASYINDEX to double your deposit bonus at!).

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints; sponsored by the Fantasy Football Players Championship (

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Carolina Panthers' fantasy season; sponsored by

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' fantasy season; sponsored by the always free-to-play Fantasy Index Subscriber Super League.

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Minnesota Vikings' fantasy season; sponsored by

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Green Bay Packers' fantasy season; sponsored by FJ Fantasy Sports (

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty take an extended look at draft strategy, where to take sleepers, the importance of handcuffs, big movers up and down the draft board, the outlook of MJD and Adrian Peterson, offensive line analysis, your questions, and more.

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Detroit Lions' fantasy season; sponsored by the always free-to-play Fantasy Index Subscriber Super League (

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Chicago Bears' fantasy season; sponsored by AFFL High Stakes Fantasy Football (

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews Washington's fantasy season, then Bill Enright of joins the podcast to discuss divided backfields around the NFL and mid-round value picks at running back.

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the fantasy season of the Philadelphia Eagles; sponsored by

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Cameron Sparks and Kevin Nelson of join host Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) to preview the fantasy seasons of the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.

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Second half of our roundtable discussion with Alan Satterlee, Ken Markakis and Nick Whalen of Dynasty Rogues. Today: head-case wide receivers; old wide receivers; top picks to break out and go bust.

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Alan Satterlee, Ken Markakis and Nick Whalen of Dynasty Rogues join the podcast for a roundtable discussion of burning fantasy topics. Today: how much will the absence of Sean Payton affect the Saints; will RGIII be an impact fantasy player as a rookie; is Roy Helu worth keeping despite the Shanahans' shenanigans; does Cam Newton have a ceiling?

Direct download: 120816_Fantasy_Index_Podcast_-_81612.mp3
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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the San Diego Chargers' fantasy season; sponsored by

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Oakland Raiders' fantasy season; sponsored by

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews Kansas City's fantasy season; sponsored by the Stanima Football Open Championship (

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Analysis of the top news stories of the first week of the preseason including where injuries drop key players, how to watch preseason and not get caught in the hype of fools gold, quarterback analysis including why you may not need to take a quarterback as early as some experts are advising, what QBs are overvalued and where you can find a mid-round sleeper, why the starting New England running back is ready to buck some trends, finding value in drafting receiver combos, and more.

Direct download: ffi_podcast_12-08-10_episode_004.mp3
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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Denver Broncos' fantasy season; sponsored by FanDraft Fantasy Football Draft Board Software (

Direct download: 120810_Fantasy_Index_Podcast_-_81012.mp3
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Jeff Paur of RealTime Fantasy Sports ( joins the podcast to preview the Tennessee Titans' fantasy season. Also: anyone up for organizing a massive league?

Direct download: 120809_Fantasy_Index_Podcast_-_8912.mp3
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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Jacksonville Jaguars' fantasy season; sponsored by

Direct download: 120808_Fantasy_Index_Podcast_-_8812.mp3
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Mark and Ian discuss the issues fantasy players deal with in early August: Strategies for an email draft vs a live draft and finding the Keeper League ratio between winning now and building for the future. Taking an in-depth look at the changing landscape for running backs and draft strategies to take advantage. Draft strategies for RBs vs WRs, especially in PPR leagues. How do deal with Best Ball Leagues, how and why to convert from a draft to an auction, and more.  

Direct download: ffi_podcast_12-08-04_episode_003.mp3
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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Indianapolis Colts' fantasy season; sponsored by Fantasy Central (

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Houston Texans' fantasy season; sponsored by

Direct download: 120802_Fantasy_Index_Podcast_-_8212.mp3
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Matt Schauf of Draft Sharks joins the podcast to preview the Pittsburgh Steelers' fantasy season from a defensive perspective. Also: IDP basics, sleepers both in the 'burgh and around the NFL.

Direct download: 120801_Fantasy_Index_Podcast_-_8112.mp3
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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Cleveland Browns' fantasy season; sponsored by Extra Point Press (

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Cincinnati Bengals' fantasy season; sponsored by EZ Draft (

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FFI's Ian Allan and Mark Nulty discuss the knucklehead factor, the long term affects of holdouts, value based drafting strategies, debate the importance of strength of schedule, why no love for Brandon Pettigrew, and more.

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Baltimore Ravens' fantasy season; sponsored by CDM Sports (

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the New York Jets' fantasy season; sponsored by

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the New England Patriots' fantasy season; sponsored by the Fantasy Football Players Championship (

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Miami Dolphins' fantasy season; sponsored by

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Bill Enright of joins the podcast to discuss amending the Ten Commandments of Fantasy Football. Also: which teams have the next great offenses; who are this year's best sleepers at tight end?

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Buffalo Bills' fantasy season; sponsored by RealTime Fantasy Sports.

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The top offseason stories including: Can you trust Peyton Manning? Where are the Saints headed? Offseason moves that will make the biggest difference. The sleeper running back you want. A detailed look at the tight end position. Where to draft Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham. The sleeper tight end poised for a big year. Your questions in the mailbag. Reach us at

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