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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty take a look at the big issues heading into Week 4 including: the frustration of dealing with platoon situations and strategies; upside down quarterback rankings and why not to panic, strategies for pulling your team out of the cellar, and more. 

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Most of the Fantasy Index staff sits down to discuss our picks for Week 4 in the Fantasy Index Subscriber Super League, hosted by Also: how will the switch from replacement refs to real ones affect fantasy numbers going forward; does anyone still want Chris Johnson?

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty take a look at the big issues heading into Week 3 including: Where did Andre Brown come from, how worried is Ian about Chris Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Matthew Stafford, Patriots offense, Packers offense. Mark yells at some kids to get off his lawn and talks about Cam Newton's Superman Dance.

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The Fantasy Index staff sits down to discuss a new Friends of FanDuel contest at Play for FREE and win your share of $500 in REAL CASH PRIZES this weekend!

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty take a look at the big issues heading into Sunday's Week 2 kickoff: What we got right in Week 1 and where we were Loud Wrong. What's a trend and what's a blip on the radar. The importance of not overreacting to Week 1. The important thing to look at when evaluating an injury report. The problem with getting "too cute" with lineup decisions. Plus, mailbag questions.

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The Fantasy Index staff sits down to discuss the new Fantasy Index Freeroll at Play for FREE and win REAL CASH PRIZES this weekend! Among the players our staffers pick to play for us in Week 2: Victor Cruz, Maurice Jones-Drew and Christian Ponder. Yup, that Christian Ponder.

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty discuss how to deal with the high level of uncertainty of Week 1, biggest movers up and down the draft board since the start of pre-season, handling the first few weeks of the waiver wire, strategies for waiver wire bidding leagues, how to determine when to unload the mid-round guy that isn't working out, your mailbag questions, and more. 

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Bill Enright of joins the podcast to discuss the fantasy implications of Wednesday's NFL season opener between the Cowboys and Giants. Should you scramble to add Kevin Ogletree to your team? And just how bad is the running game in Gotham?

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams; sponsored by the always free-to-play Fantasy Index Subscriber Super League (look for the link at

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers; sponsored by DraftDay (use promo code FANTASYINDEX to double your deposit bonus at!).

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints; sponsored by the Fantasy Football Players Championship (

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Justin Eleff (@FantasyIndexJE) previews the Carolina Panthers' fantasy season; sponsored by

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