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Mark Nulty is joined by renowned fantasy football author Sam Hendricks to a deep dive on advanced strategies for both standard drafts and a lot of auction strategies.


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Mistakes to avoid to make the biggest night of your fantasy year a success.

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How Martavis Bryant's suspension affect the Steelers plus notes on every AFC team before you draft.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Peter Schoenke of <b><a href=" http://www."; target=_new> Rotowire </a></b>, one of the oldest and most respected sources for fantasy football news and information.Peter talks about the players he likes and who has the potential of being this year's Zach Sudfeld. Also, what tools you can use to give you an edge on draft day.


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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty take a look at what's been learned in the first few weeks of preseason. What players are moving up and down Ian's draft board. How much does Jordy Nelson's loss affect Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Plus, quick hitters for all NFC teams. 

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Keys to forming a new league. The Do's and Dont's of starting to league. How to be a commissioner. Finding the right league for you. The beauty of best ball leagues, daily fantasy sports, and more.


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Draft strategy, especially when it comes to elite QBs. Plus, can two aging veterans find fantasy happiness in Indianapolis?


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<b><a href=""; target=_new>'s</a></b>  Brandon Marianne Lee is one of the premier daily fantasy sports writers and podcasters. If you're skilled at fantasy football you can have an edge in daily games. She gives you the information you need to get started and successful in daily fantasy sports. She explains the concept of bankroll management and what types of games and buy-ins should be targeting. The differences in strategies for head-to-head, small leagues, 50-50 games vs. the big contests. How to use the concept of "working backward" to optimize your salary cap decisions. What it means to stack players. What to look for when it comes to finding value players, plus much more.</p>


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Players moving in and out their primes

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Prospects for the potentially high flying Steelers offense. Should you spend a high pick on Jeremy Hill. Is AJ Green undervalued. What to do with Cleveland's running back situation. The impact of Marc Trestmen on the Ravens offense. Is Justin Forsett a Top 10 RB in PPR formats? Plus, the shakeout of Geno Smith's broken jaw with the Jets.

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What do about the Patriots quagmire

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In-depth analysis where draft value lies - and high ranking players to avoid

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QBs moving up and down tiers

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