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Big news on the immediate future of the podcast, then Aaron Bland joins Justin Eleff to discuss preseason fallers (kind of) and risers. Sponsored by YouRulz.

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Ian Allan and Justin Eleff review Week 3 of the NFL preseason: who got hurt, which old running backs looked young-ish again, how the rookie quarterbacks stack up, and which real-life roster-filler running back Todd McShay says could be starting for some NFL team (hint: Todd McShay is wrong). Sponsored by the Draft Dominator app from Footballguys.

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Part 2 of our conversation with Jared Smola: closing out the draft strategy guide and getting Jared's answers to our burning outside-expert questions of 2018. Sponsored by the Fantasy Index Super Fanatic Package.

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Jared Smola joins the podcast to talk draft strategy: which players at which positions to target in which rounds. Sponsored by RealTime Fantasy Sports (

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Part 2 of our conversation with Alan Satterlee: how this year's rookies stack up at each position, who might land on the cover of next year's magazine, and which players Alan counts as his personal must-haves. Sponsored by The Draft Kit (

Alan Satterlee joins the podcast to talk dynasty leagues, from setting up to ranking players at each position to uncovering undervalued veterans. Sponsored by DraftKings.

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Ian Allan and Justin Eleff review Week 2 of the NFL preseason (with late word on the Ravens and Colts, updates on Deshaun Watson and Christian McCaffrey, etc.), then take a closer look at the New Orleans Saints and name their favorite last-round fantasy draft picks. Sponsored by RealTime Fantasy Sports (

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Part 2 of our conversation with Jeff Erickson: how to react to 2018 draft trends, which players are better/worse than their previous numbers, which players Jeff is drafting repeatedly. Sponsored by RotoWire.

Jeff Erickson joins the podcast to discuss how fantasy football is played, and how it could be played better. Sponsored by Extra Point Press.

How to win your auction league in 2018 -- in four easy steps and less than half an hour. Sponsored by RotoWire.

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Mike Braude joins the podcast to discuss the rise in prominence of PPR scoring, which players make savvy mid-round targets in 2018, and which potential stars he will (and won't) ignore current ADP trends to draft. Sponsored by Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues (

Ian Allan and Justin Eleff take yet another look at Doug Baldwin, discuss when exactly you should draft kickers and defenses (and which ones are worth targeting), take a whole-team look at the Dallas Cowboys, and pick out pairs of teammates who are currently being drafted in the wrong order. Sponsored by Affordable Trophies (

Scott Pianowski weighs the risk of drafting Andrew Luck, picks the Todd Gurley of 2018, and names players who'll be better and worse than they have been previously. Sponsored by Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues (

Scott Pianowski of Yahoo Fantasy Sports joins the podcast to talk Doug Baldwin (we recorded before the news! his injury may in fact be our fault!), players he's drafting repeatedly in 2018, and fantasy risk vs. reward. Sponsored by FanDraft Fantasy Draft Board Software (