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Ian Allan and Justin Eleff talk preseason injuries and check in on the Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys. Sponsored by RealTime Fantasy Sports and Extra Point Press.

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Justin Eleff mines the Week 14 schedule for players who might help in the win-or-go-home portion of the fantasy season. Sponsored by Draft Day Sports Pro Football 2018 (

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How to win your fantasy auction in four easy steps. Sponsored by DraftKings.

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Ian Allan and Justin Eleff discuss the week's headlines and recap Week 2 of the NFL preseason. Sponsored by

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Ian Allan and Justin Eleff name the most overrated fantasy players of 2017. Sponsored by The Draft Kit (

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Ian Allan and host Justin Eleff talk through likely (and unlikely) fantasy contributors in Tampa Bay, Denver and Oakland.

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Ian Allan and host Justin Eleff discuss impressive preseason offenses in Jacksonville, Carolina and Tennessee.

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Mark Nulty is joined by renowned fantasy football author Sam Hendricks to a deep dive on advanced strategies for both standard drafts and a lot of auction strategies.


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QBs moving up and down tiers

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty take an in-depth look at the NFC North from a fantasy perspective.

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty take an in-depth look at the NFC East from a fantasy perspective.

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A look back on Thursday night's Steelers-Ravens game and a look ahead to rest of this week's matchups.


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Jonathan Aguiar of talks about changes in the industry as merges with Aguiar also talks about the new features that makes the game more fun for all players, including novices. 

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Mark Nulty and Ian Allan take are joined by Alan Satterlee of for a spirited debate of second year players expected to make a big jump, rookies that can make an immediate impact, and which ones are overhyped. They also discuss who to stash for Dynasty Leagues. They also play a few rounds of Speed Bumps, the game where you have to decide between a group of players you may be forced to choose from in your actual draft. 

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Mark Nulty and Ian Allan will preview each division starting with the star studded NFC East:

·         DeSean Jackson moving from the Eagles to the Redskins.

·         A premier player that may hate a change in coaching staff.

·         Can Tony Romo bounce back from back surgery?

·         A player that looks like he's at the end of the line.


·         Sleepers at running back.

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Draft strategies and mistakes to avoid. Mark Nulty is joined by renowned fantasy football author Sam Hendricks to discuss strategies for both standard drafts and auctions.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Ian Allan who looks at some Week 3 Preseason, tough decisions on players that will probably go early, sleepers, and more.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Stan Misthios of They look at the trends of recent drafts, a deep dive into the Kansas City Chiefs, plus analyze strategies for two quarterback leagues.

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty discuss how to handle players that looked like stars early but are busts now, where to find QBs late in the season, evaluating injury replacement QBs, looking ahead to fantasy matchups, trophies, and the greatest Made for TV Sporting Event of all time.

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Mark Nulty and Ian Allan get more fantasy relevance out of the Jacksonville Jaguars then anybody thought imaginable. Also what to do if you're "stuck" with a bad QB or RB option, the progression of rookie QBs, planning your fantasy lineup now for the real NFL schedule, and more.

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Mark and Ian discuss a variety of topics including: Is it time to give up on Mark Ingram and Titus Young, where do quarterbacks such as Andy Dalton, Peyton Manning, Matthew Stafford, Michael Vick rank now, the emergence of this year's Tim Tebow, a look at some of the more interesting matchups of the week, Mark makes a horrible joke, perhaps the worst fantasy football move of all time, and more.

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty take a look at the big issues heading into Week 3 including: Where did Andre Brown come from, how worried is Ian about Chris Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Matthew Stafford, Patriots offense, Packers offense. Mark yells at some kids to get off his lawn and talks about Cam Newton's Superman Dance.

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Mark and Ian discuss the issues fantasy players deal with in early August: Strategies for an email draft vs a live draft and finding the Keeper League ratio between winning now and building for the future. Taking an in-depth look at the changing landscape for running backs and draft strategies to take advantage. Draft strategies for RBs vs WRs, especially in PPR leagues. How do deal with Best Ball Leagues, how and why to convert from a draft to an auction, and more.  

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FFI's Ian Allan and Mark Nulty discuss the knucklehead factor, the long term affects of holdouts, value based drafting strategies, debate the importance of strength of schedule, why no love for Brandon Pettigrew, and more.

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