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Ian Allan and Justin Eleff pick apart the AFC South, then talk holdins and preseason injuries. Sponsored by FanDraft and RotoWire.

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Defending champ Steve Baugh joins the podcast to relaunch the Affordable Trophies Listeners League. Sponsored by Affordable Trophies.

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Scott Pianowski of Yahoo Sports joins the podcast to talk Covid concessions, anchor running backs (of multiple eras), late-draft targets and much, much more. Sponsored by Affordable Trophies.

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Ian Allan and Justin Eleff talk preseason injuries and check in on the Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys. Sponsored by RealTime Fantasy Sports and Extra Point Press.

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Ian Allan and Justin Eleff check in on the Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions and some old, old running backs. Sponsored by FanDraft and Fantasy Points.

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Ian Allan and Justin Eleff assess the Kansas City backfield, then try to make sense of the Jets, Steelers and others. Sponsored by the Footballguys Draft Dominator (