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Tips from a $10,000 winner. The 2012 Stanima Football Open Champion talks about draft strategies, middle rounds, waiver wire philosophy, roster construction, and more.

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty talk about the big news of Week 4 of the preseason. How Andre Brown's injury shuffles the running back deck and impacts the value of David Wilson. Plus, late picks and more.

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Matt Schauf with and Mark Nulty talk about the players you want to walk away with at your draft.

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What to remember going into the draft. Last minute strategy and instructions before going into the biggest day of your fantasy football season.

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Draft strategies and mistakes to avoid. Mark Nulty is joined by renowned fantasy football author Sam Hendricks to discuss strategies for both standard drafts and auctions.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Robert Abbott of who talks about players he likes and players he's avoiding heading into this week's fantasy drafts.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Ian Allan who looks at some Week 3 Preseason, tough decisions on players that will probably go early, sleepers, and more.

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Mark Nulty is joined by long-time fantasy analyst Kevin Payne. They discuss high risk-high reward picks in the first round such as Arian Foster and CJ Spiller. Plus, the outlook for the Bills, Cardinals, Eagles and more.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Stan Misthios of They look at the trends of recent drafts, a deep dive into the Kansas City Chiefs, plus analyze strategies for two quarterback leagues.

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Looking at the pros and cons of Value Based Drafting, Means Based Drafting, and more. Game theory expert Paul Herzog examines the different ways of putting together a draft list to help you determine which system is right for you.  

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Valuing players for auctions and salary cap leagues. What players are the best and worst values?

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Ian Allan analyzes Week 2 of the preseason and talks about how the action is affecting his rankings.

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Mark Nulty looks at who is being drafted in the early, middle, and late stages of the first round. He explains who he would draft in each stage and why since he's passing on Arian Foster, CJ Spiller, and Trent Richardson.

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Mark Nulty takes a look at three players going in the first round, two of them going high in the first, and why he'd like to avoid them if I can.

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One of the biggest trends in fantasy sports is daily games. Jonathan Mongero, the founder of, joins Mark Nulty to discuss how and why these games have become so popular. He also talks about ways the savvy fantasy players can give themselves an edge.

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Mark Nulty and Bryan Siuda of evaluate some players that are going in the middle and late rounds of a lot of fantasy drafts.

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With more people playing in online high stakes leagues, Mark Nulty talks with Robert January of All Pro Leagues about making sure that the odds are in your favor. Nulty and January examine the way online money leagues, including high stakes leagues, structure their payouts.

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Ian Allan and Mark Nulty talk about the surprises in Week 1. Allan talks about the adjustments he's looking to make for Monday's rankings. Plus, what's you can learn about draft trends and strategies by examining the FanEx draft. 

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Do's and don'ts of extended online drafts (email drafts). Also, analysis of the first few rounds of the Fantasy Experts (FanEx) draft. 

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The NFL preseason what to look for what to ignore. Mark Nulty talks about the fantasy relevance of the preseason, or the lack thereof. Nulty talks about the one position where you can find a quality starter during the preseason. How to watch for trends. What are five specific things he wants to see and hopefully have answered this preseason.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Justin Hume of to discuss how you can cash in on the rise in popularity of one day fantasy leagues.

Hume talks about how players can find advantages when playing one day fantasy leagues. Things that you don't put importance on in season long leagues become critical in daily leagues. Knowing these factors can give you and edge over the competition when making your lineup. Hume talks about weighing the decision between ability vs. matchup. Plus, Hume talks about the strategy you should consider in playing in larger one day fantasy leagues with big cash prizes.

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Mark Nulty talks with Ian Allan of Fantasy Football about a variety of topics including what roster battles Allan's watching, the affects of the receiver injuries, some thoughts about roster makeup, and more.

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Mark Nulty is joined by Chris Tilley, who has been the commissioner of his league for 17 years. Tilley talks about what he's learned in his time at the helm that can help you organize and run your league. Tilley discusses  a variety of topics, including: how to get owners to be committed, how to keep owners involved during the season, how to deal with rules changes during the season, dealing with Type A and competitive personalities, dealing with league controversies, how to deal  with "bad" trades, best times to run the draft, best time to conduct a draft, and more.

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Mark Nulty talks about the strategy of being one the last owner's in your draft to take a QB. Whether you planned on waiting or it's just the way the draft develops, you need to have a plan. How long should you wait? What should be your cues for pulling the trigger? Who are the best bets after the top tier? What are some sleepers worth taking a shot on later in your draft?

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Mark Nulty talks about how truly irrelevant preseason strength of schedule ratings are when evaluating and ranking fantasy football players. Mark gives some specific examples where strength of schedule backfires. Mark also talks about two specific areas not to let perceived strength of schedule influence your decisions.

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